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A Complete Software Solution for the Insurance Sector

Highlighted Features

Quotation and contracting

Optimized for any kind of insurance. From simple products (Accident, Gadgets, ...) to complex products (Professional Liability, Property, Motor, Transportation, ...)

Tailor-made policies

You need to add a coverage, a clause, increase the capital, the policy excess, .... with Hermes it is possible and easy to manage. Each policy can be a custom-made suit

Policy management

Make supplements, renewals, control the generated documentation, documents associated with the policy, ... from the policy management module have a 360º vision of the policy

Receipt management

Control the status of the receipt and manage its collection / return, as well as commissions to the brokers. If you use the multiproduct option, you will know the premium price of each insurer

Claim Management

All claims management in a single module without the need for other applications. Design workflows with the BPM and the task manager, also controlling the payments, reservations and recoveries


A global vision of the client, from its policies, receipts, quotes, opportunities, claims, statistics, profitability, as well as control of documentation, calls, notes, ...

Commercial network

Designed to manage the entire business around commercial networks. Create sales groups, assign points of Sale and Brokers. Have full control of sales with just one click

Borderaux Generation

Configure the borderaux you need and run it with the periodicity you estimate. Manually or schedule it to be generated automatically. From BDX issuance, payments, claims, ...

Product Workshop

Create the products you need. You can combine several products in one (multiproduct). Add coverages, limits, rates, formula, … everything you need without being a programmer

Business Rules

Rules for *underwriting/subscription* processes, supplements, claims… automate processes and you will only manage those rules you decide you must authorize or reject individually


Hermes is based on a BPM Management System (Business Process Management). With Hermes you decide how your business flows and Hermes adapts to your business and not the other way around


Create, assign and schedule tasks for a user, a department, a group of users. Control the SLAs with the KPIs tool. Add tasks to the BPM and it will automatically do the rest

API Rest

Hermes has a great API Rest that allows third parties to connect to your system to quote, issue, manage policies, claims, ... you put the limits and Hermes control

Landing Pages

Create portals, landing pages for promotion and sale of specific products. Configure the look & feel of the web, add visibility to the products you choose and everything from Hermes


All your business information visible from the control panel or Statistics module. graphs, listings, triangulations, cubes, ... combine *Subscription/underwriting* and claims and obtain the loss ratio


Generate reports of sales, subscription, claims or any other that you need. Apply filters, styles, ... generate it when you need it or program it as an automatic task and Hermes will do the rest

Custom Look & Feel

Configure from color, logos, emails, ... through the personalization in documents (policies, receipts, ...) and apply style rules according to point of sale, broker, .... you decide

Multi language

Adapted for the language you need. Not only Hermes is adapted, but also the generation of documents (policies, receipts, etc.) Assign a language to each user. Currently translated to Spanish, English and French


Hermes can manage more than one currency in the same environment. If you operate in several countries, you can manage everything with the same database. Each environment and product are configured with a default currency. EUR, USD, GBP, JPY,...


Hermes is integrated with different third-party applications, from government databases, electronic signature companies (DocuSign), email (Mailchimp and Mandrill), ... But if you need to integrate with other, do not worry, we do it.

Payment methods

Fully integrated with payment gateways for credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, ..), PayPal, Transfers (Sofort Banking), SEPA Payments, Direct Debit, .... and tomorrow. Why not some Cryptocurrency?

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In November 2016, Lloyd's Iberia (SPAIN) awarded one of our clients, AYAX Underwriting Agency, S.L., granting them the "Award for the Best Use of Technologies". Lloyd's, main insurance market and knowledgeable of the needs of the Underwriting Agency, granted this award that recognizes the potential, usability, scalability and adaptability of the HERMES tool.

premios compromiso lloyd´s iberia 2016 al mejor uso de las tecnologías